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PTFE Valve Seat, Valve pad And Stuffing Products

Property and Usage
It can be widely used in the trade of valve, mechanism and machine tool, for its good anti-corrosion
and non-sticking. The strenghth and mechanical property can greatly improved by adding stuffing matericals.



Filler ① DN32-DN500
Glass fibre, olybdenum, graphite, copper power, polyimide, carbon fibre, silica, polyser,, etc ② 非规格的阀门阀座密封圈可来图加工

Main Products ②Non-specifications valve,valve seat
All kinds of piston rings, guide rings, sealing washers, bearings, bushes, hydraulic valve slider, guide and sealing ring can be produced according
Strip, mechanical sealing, etc… to the drawings of the customers。  

Electric insulation parts, sealing washer, anti-sticking materical, wire insulation sheath, corrosive liquid
Dielectric pipeline

1.Produce according to the requirements or the drawings of the customers.
2.The maximum diameter is not higher than 2000mm

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